The People's Wrestling Champion: The Rock
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The People's Wrestling Champion: The Rock

Here is an article of The Rock (dwayne johnson) of his great career spell in the WWF world wrestling federation. The article highlights his ups and downs during his time there. So if you want to know what the rock is cooking? Then I think you should read this article.

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

The Rock Dwayne Johnson came into the world wrestling federation mat in 1996. In the space of four short years Dwayne Johnson reached the top of the wrestling ranks. But, all was not good during his spell at the top The Rock was born in a wrestling family as the son of former NWA Florida and WWF intercontinental champion Rocky Johnson also the grandson of the legendary high chief Peter Ma-via. Even though wrestling was in his blood, Dwayne Johnson decided other things as first choice.

As life went on for Dwayne he found that his first choice was no

t to be. So eventually one day he decided to switch to wrestling. In no time the future star was showing all his powers in his first match. They recalled him to enter in the survivor series in Madison square garden in New York City, November16 1996. Dwayne was wrestling under the legend ''Rocky Ma- via a combination of his dad's and grandfather's names. Rocky won the prestigious tournament in his official tournament.

This didn't go well with everyone even the fans didn't accept. They all just wanted to figure out how an unknown could come a long and just win the spotlight. What was irritating the fans was that he was a nice guy who smiled all the time. Well after a short spell the fans were starting to chant boos like Rocky sucks. The Rock was starting to become puzzled he didn't know how to deal with the situation. When a knee injury came along, Rocky was starting to wonder if he had made the right career choice but soon rocky would find out.

It was his in-ring persona that was so irritating to the fans. The WWF officials were even baffled by the fan's behaviour after all Rocky was a good guy who was meant to be on their side. SO why weren't they at his? They all learned that wrestling in this day and age is controlled by the fans. As soon as the rock realized this he struck to his task. He made a change by joining the nation of domination one of the WWF's biggest and the meanest heel groups at the time. The next mission he had was to get back at the fans and scold them for not getting their support. Even though this was making the chanting boo chanting louder it was making his reaction two times greater during a contest match which is what pro-wrestling is about. The boo chanting now felt greater on The Rock his efforts to get back on the fans wee so high. He even found himself face to face with the most popular wrestler at the time Stone Cold Steve Austin the Texas rattle snake.

So his change from good to bad was not only becoming interesting to all fans but also he became one of wrestling most popular personalities. He went on to say that his dad did not like his son's choice of turn. The Rock said” all his life he's been a Good guy so he really wasn't too happy with that”. The Rock then said” as the titles turned and I became more successful in the role as the man people love to hate”, he applauded the decision. The Rock so liked his role that he aspired to be the WW F's top heel. He said in an interview with slam wrestling “I see myself being the top villain in the world wrestling federation". The fans now were taking hold of his catchphrases and were echoing them when he entered the arena. The rock really got over the fans in a big way after a dismal first spell in his career with the fans.

He then began to go one better claiming to be the people's champion and the most electrifying Man in sports entertainment and he would capture the WWF heavy weight championship after winning the 1998 survivor series on November 15 1998 against arch rival mankind. This win would not only be the first but a start to many world titles to come for the people's champion The Rock. But for the rock this win started a bitter feud between him and mankind since the people's champion was being helped by Vince McMahon the federation owner who helped in rock's victory against mankind. The Rock now turned corporate and when the fans began to chant boo again he responded by telling them to '' Kiss his candy ass's for being against him in the past. He had now taught the fan's a lesson and on his way to teaching the rest of the WWF a lesson in laying the smack down Nobody was safe or omited.

The Rock has not only risen to the top popularity list in wrestling but also an audience can be found waiting outside the squared circle to greet him. The rock made TV appearances on shows such as tar trek voyager, the view, Martha Stewart living, and hosting Saturday night live. His image and his famous eyebrow have also graced the covers of many mainstream magazines such as TV guide and Newsweek. The Rock said " It does get overwhelming and I'm very humbled Who would have thought I'd be on the cover of Newsweek and TV guide hosting Saturday night live? It's harder to gain (mainstream success) because of the industry we're in.

Questions asked to The Rock. Is wrestling real or fake Rock?

I think we've gotten over the stereo typical all hump of is it real or is it fake? It’s sports-entertainment. It's physical theatricality at its best. The WWF surely smells what the rock has cooking the five time world champion can lay the smack down with any candy ass in the business. The Rock will be considered one of the most entertaining sportsmen in wrestling history and definitely one of the greats of all time to many fans anyway. The bottom line here is Can you smell what the rock is cooking? I hoped you enjoyed Reading my article also feel free if you want to leave any comments.


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